Gratitude impels me to write of my experiences in Christian Science

Gratitude impels me to write of my experiences in Christian Science. Many years of my long life, now nearing eighty-seven years, were spent in active service in an orthodox church. In common with many others, I suffered from physical ailments, with their whole brood of ills, in the belief that they were sent upon me for my good; yet notwithstanding that belief, I resorted to medical treatments in connection with physical exercises to bring better health. It was all of no avail, however, as was to be expected if the difficulties were sent upon me by a higher power. I had long been trained to place my trust in but one half of the great Master's teaching,—that of possible salvation, without the healing. With others, I "indulged a hope" that some time in the far-off future state I should be saved, drop my ills and rejoice.

Then Christian Science came to my notice. At first it was misunderstood, and did not appeal to me, but a member of my family who had suffered much, and been operated on in a hospital with only partial relief, was healed very quickly and permanently through Christian Science, and this led me slowly but surely to consider its teaching. Some other remarkable cures fixed my attention, so I began to read, study, and finally took treatments. My healing came slowly but completely. I thank God, and am grateful to our revered Leader and guide, for good health, entire relief from the old ailments, and for some knowledge of Truth, Life, and Love, bringing to me heaven here and now,—no longer indefinite and distant, to be hoped for or pleaded for, but tangible, cheerful, worth living for; not something which one must longingly wait for and finally die to realize.

Testimony of Healing
Several years ago, while I was studying at the university...
May 8, 1915

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