In June, 1909, the teaching of Christian Science was unfolded...

In June, 1909, the teaching of Christian Science was unfolded to me when I was greatly in need of help. For many years I was a semiinvalid and tried physicians of different schools, as well as hygienic rules. I also went to a sanitarium, where the doctors were sure they could relieve me, but utter failure followed their efforts. I was then brought to the hopeless thought that there was no relief for me, and that my earning days being past, I was about to become a burden on my adopted children. I called one of our best physicians, and asked him to give me a careful examination and freely and fearlessly tell me the result, saying that he need not fear, for if I knew that I could go to sleep and never wake I would be happy. He informed me that I had organic heart disease, which could not be cured, also bowel, stomach, and liver troubles. This I thoroughly believed, and felt that any one of them was of such a character that I might pass away in consequence. A few days later he said there was no use in my coming again, as he could not help me.

At this time a Christian Scientist called, and as a result of her call she sent me a list of the Christian Science practitioners in Pasadena, and after about two days I managed to get to the telephone and ask for treatment from one of them. A few hours later a practitioner came. The result was that all symptoms of heart trouble were overcome, and the healing has been permanent. All the other ill conditions have also been healed, and I am a vigorous, healthy man at sixty-eight years of age. Different ailments have now and then presented themselves, but they have been promptly banished.

May 8, 1915

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