I do not think it possible to find any one whose antagonism...

I do not think it possible to find any one whose antagonism to Christian Science was more pronounced than was mine; in fact, I was really afraid of people who called themselves Christian Scientists, for I had heard ridiculous stories, flavored with spiritualism and hypnotism, and so I preferred to keep at a distance from these people. The first time, I visited their place of worship much against my wish. I was with one who was having treatment and could not go alone; but I would not go without a third party, as I feared I would need protection. I therefore persuaded a friend who was also antagonistic to what we thought were the teachings of Christian Science, to go with us. The hymns, we admitted, were very beautiful, and a great sense of peace filled the auditorium; but when the readers started the Lesson-Sermon, and we saw a little lavender ribbon falling down under the desk (it was used by the second reader to mark the places where she was to read), we both thought this most significant, and became quite nervous, watching for developments. After the service we were greeted by so many intelligent looking people that we were surprised.

I accompanied the same patient to the practitioner's office day after day, where I heard some of the beautiful quotations of the Bible explained so differently from my former teachings, that I agreed there was more real Christianity in Christian Science than I had supposed. After I had followed this course for some time, I was seized with an old trouble, which usually caused me to be in bed for hours with hot applications. As I could not get a substitute to accompany the patient, I decided, though with an air of defiance, to ask the practitioner to relieve this great suffering before treating the patient, thinking I might thereby learn something of the mystery surrounding these people.

May 8, 1915

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