"Loose him, and let him go"

In the business world we sometimes see an honest, conscientious Christian man trying hard to do a fair business and make a living, and we see him jostled, crowded, and finally defeated by some overpowering monopoly. This seems all wrong, contrary to law and justice, and we may wonder why such things are permitted. Sometimes we hear the question asked, "Why does God allow His children to suffer in this manner?" Many years ago one of the good old prophets said. "Thou art of purer eyes than to behold evil, and canst not look on iniquity," and if we believe and understand the Scriptures, we must realize that God is not a party to the many terrible things which seem to exist.

John tells us that "God is love," and we know that infinite Love is not simply lovely or loving, but Love itself. We also know that God is Spirit; hence it would be as impossible for Love, Spirit, to be conscious of evil as it would be for the sun to embrace darkness. Put the sun in the midst of darkness and instantly the darkness would be dissipated. So too if evil could come into the presence of God, or good, it would instantly disappear. In Christian Science we are taught that error has no power, is nothing, no real thing. Nothing is represented by a zero, and a big zero has no more power than a little one. In like manner an army of people, if in error, would be no more formidable as an opponent than a small, weak body of persons or a private citizen. If the defending party has truth, justice, and right on his side, if he is fearless in his defense, confident of success because he is right and knows he is right, and realizes that "one on God's side is a majority," he cannot fail to win his case even against overwhelming odds.

Flower Giving
December 25, 1915

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