During July and August, 1912, I had dental work done...

During July and August, 1912, I had dental work done in Berlin, Germany. In preparing one tooth to be crowned, the dentist drilled two holes through the root, and not being aware of this, he put the porcelain tooth on with the root in this condition. In pressing the tooth on, a small quantity of the cement was forced into the jaw through the holes in the root. It was very painful at the time, but the dentist assured me that the tooth was sensitive. After three days of extreme pain, I sent for a Christian Science practitioner to come to me, and during her visit I was healed of the pain, which had been so great that I was hardly able to walk across the floor. I felt that the work was done, but later I found it necessary to have more help. An abscess formed and broke, but it did not seem to heal, and the dentist informed me (I had changed dentists) that the bone was carious. My fear was great for a few moments, but I again called for treatment in Christian Science and the fear was destroyed at once.

Treatment was continued, and I earnestly applied myself to the study of Christian Science. I visited the dentist many times, but he felt there was nothing to do. Finally one day he thought it best to have an X-ray picture, so that he could learn the exact condition. He found that the bone had healed, but that there was a foreign substance which needed to be removed. Without taking any opiate, I was enabled through Christian Science treatment to have the dentist cut into the gum and remove the piece of bone and cement which seemed to be causing the trouble. This was all done without any pain. The abscess had stopped even while this foreign substance was there, and in a few days the opening caused by the cutting was healed up. I am happy to say that the healing has been permanent.

Testimony of Healing
I wish to give my testimony, and I feel that I should have...
June 6, 1914

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