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[The Universalist Leader]

Will death do what life has not done? It there a moral transformation in the grave, or at this door into the unseen, such as no changes in life and growth have wrought? We should speak modestly about the unseen world. The world has been cursed with the egotism and conceits of men who knew nothing about the life to come, and were too literal and too narrow to appreciate the vastness of the impending mystery. Therefore it is only as a suggestion that we remark that so far as we understand spiritual processes there is no prospect that the change we call death will obliterate our moral past, or disconnect the moral continuity of existence. All of the hopes that at death we shall be lifted completely out of the old order of existence are contrary to the facts of spiritual psychology as we see and understand them. We are not going to venture far in an exploration of the spiritual psychology of the life beyond death. Our only desire is to make it clear to those who read these words that the hope of perpetual peace and bliss through the obliteration of our past faults, at death, is contrary to spiritual processes as we see these at work.

Special Announcements
June 6, 1914

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