Not because of any religious convictions or because I felt...

Not because of any religious convictions or because I felt the need of spiritual aid did I begin the study of Christian Science; yet I builded better than I knew when through sheer desperation, after years of suffering and vainly seeking relief from doctors of every school and even from mind healing, I took the advice of a lady who knew of my condition and went to see a Christian Science practitioner. Since that time I fully realize that God is the healer of all our diseases, as revealed through Christian Science, and it is with a heart full of gratitude that I wish to tell how this realization was brought home to me.

For fifteen years I was a sufferer from acute inflammation of the stomach, which caused convulsions and fainting spells. The doctors said I had kidney colic and gall-stones. All the functions of the body seemed to be deranged and my skin was yellowish brown. This condition was accompanied by vomiting, and I also suffered from a bowel trouble of thirty years' standing; in fact, it would be hard to find a disease that I did not seem to have. I had worn out drugs and doctors, and was practically living on a "digestive." I went to see a Christian Science practitioner, and in about two weeks I did a hard day's work, such as I had not been able to do for twenty years or more. The diseased conditions of the body were soon destroyed, the functions became normal, and my weight greatly increased. My completion cleared up, the eyes lost their dull, lusterless look and became clear and bright. I was also healed of a dislocation of the neck; the pain was removed quickly and the soreness soon left.

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