Christian Science: Its Legal Status

Christian Science, as its name indicates, is an interpretation of the religion that was taught and practised by Christ Jesus. Any one who, without hostility, reads the Christian Science text-book, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy, will find it to be based on the Scriptures, and will find in it a more obvious correspondence or plainer consistency with the Bible than is furnished by any of the more popular interpretations. Such a reader of this book will see that it contains a statement of knowledge or science concerning God, man, and the universe, with which he may or may not agree, but which is plainly ethical, scientific, and religious in character. Be it called orthodox or heterodox, when compared with either primitive or recent Christianity, the system of thought presented as Christian Science is plainly Christian in basis and purpose. If this be true, it would tend to promote the health, morals, and spiritual welfare of its adherents; and it is a matter of common knowledge that a multitude of intelligent people bear witness to these benefits from this teaching.

Independence within the field of science is favored by enlightened public opinion, because such independence is essential to progress. There would be small hope of advancement if those who endeavor to extend the scope of human knowledge, or to correct it, were obliged to square their views with the beliefs which for the moment are prevalent. It is largely from the teachings of original and independent thinkers that the world gains more knowledge and true knowledge.

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June 6, 1914

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