Truth is Practical

The question "What is truth?" has confronted humanity throughout all ages. Pilate asked this question just before the crucifixion of Jesus, and at the present time it is paramount among thinking people the world over. Furthermore, the mere fact that this question is asked, the correct answer to which would mean the solution of all life's problems, presupposes the existence of its answer.

The writer has many times been confronted and confounded with this same question, which had perhaps been borne to his thought as he read from the Bible the assuring statement, "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." Never, however, until after becoming interested in Christian Science, did he have the least real understanding of the nature of this truth, nor did he realize the import of the promise of reward for this knowing. During many years he had listened to the preachers of the various churches in their eloquent defense of the gospel which was to set humanity free, but always with death as the threshold over which men must pass into this blissful state. Great stress was laid upon the world-wide and age-lasting commission as recorded in the sixteenth chapter of Mark, beginning with the fifteenth verse, yet in the face of their declarations as to the endurance of this great commission, the latter part of it, relative to the healing of the sick, was never considered applicable to the present age.

Supply and Its Source
April 25, 1914

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