For the past two years Christian Science has been our...

For the past two years Christian Science has been our only medicine; we have also turned to it to solve all our daily problems, no matter what their nature, and it has never failed us. Over two years ago we came West, hoping that the purer air would help our baby boy, then three and a half, years old. He had suffered from liver trouble since birth, and no food could be found which agreed with him. He had been treated by several prominent physicians, but none of them could give him any relief. At three and a half years of age he could not walk over a block, and he was also weak mentally, for he could not talk so that any one but myself was able to understand him.

We made friends in this part of the country among the Christian Scientists, and they advised us to try Christian Science for him. We did so, and after the first treatment he was able to eat whatever he wanted without any unpleasant result, something he had never been able to do before. This proved to us that there is something in Christian Science, so my husband and I took up the study in earnest. Our child was under the care of a practitioner for three months and was entirely healed. Today he is a strong, robust little fellow and is very bright. We have two older children who have had many beautiful demonstrations of healing in Christian Science. They all attend the Christian Science Sunday school and love to study the Lessons with us every evening.

Testimony of Healing
In gratitude to God I herewith testify to my wonderful...
March 14, 1914

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