About June, 1906, while living in Chicago, a physical condition...

About June, 1906, while living in Chicago, a physical condition was manifested which occasioned much suffering and fear; and later, it seemed advisable to have a medical examination. Four physicians gave their opinion at different times, and each diagnosed the case as one of malignant growths, but Christian Science treatment alone was given. Several Christian Science practitioners were called on from time to time, and very good work was done; but conditions apparently grew worse until October, when I became unconscious and death seemed imminent. Then, when all hope was abandoned, another Christian Science practitioner was called, and through his clear realization of God as the only Life, I was awakened to consciousness with the thought from Science and Health (see p. 312) that a mortal's belief that he must die occasions his departure. I cried aloud, "I cannot die unless I give my consent, for God is my life, and God cannot die. Therefore, in the words of the psalmist, 'I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord.'"

That was the beginning of a long struggle, but every material condition was overcome, every asserted law of mortal mind destroyed. One growth came away; the others, through the realization of the fact that they had only the substance of the thought which produced them (see Science and Health, p. 423), disappeared. In the following May I was practically healed, and by August I was better than I had ever been. We had to prove many, many times that God, good, alone is Life and power, for materia medica said there was no hope for me. At times, when the suffering seemed unbearable, the words of the ninety-first psalm, also the "Mother's Evening Prayer" by Mrs. Eddy, and the first verse of "Christ my Refuge" (Poems, pp. 4, 12), would bring peace and prove better than any anesthetic.

Testimony of Healing
For the past two years Christian Science has been our...
March 14, 1914

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