The truth of the Scripture that "the Lord's hand is not...

The truth of the Scripture that "the Lord's hand is not shortened, that it cannot save," has been proved in our family many times during the twenty-four years in which we have been striving to assimilate the teachings of Christian Science. A retrospective view of the time we have devoted to gaining an understanding of Christian Science, brings to mind many instances—some of extremely serious aspect, others not so serious—in which the discordant mists of material sense have been dispelled, and we have been lifted, as it were, from deep darkness and despair into the sunlight of Truth, and made joyful and grateful beyond expression that we have come to know, in a measure, the only true and living God, who heals all our diseases.

Twenty-four years ago we were hopelessly involved in the discords of the world. The old orthodox belief that God is a humanly circumscribed being, far distant from the immediate needs of mankind, was deeply rooted in our waning religious faith. In previous years, when the material environment was harmonious, and there were no fleshly discords to disturb our mental tranquillity, this belief in God as operating at a vague distance had remained unquestioned; but when physical distrees came upon us, and we had no apparent means of getting rid of it, then the sufferer in our home instinctively reached out to the one God to whom we all turn for guidance and protection when every other means has failed. It was then, too, that the fallacy of believing in a distant God gradually dawned upon us and we began to yearn for a God who was near, who not only had compassion upon us, but who would show the love of a father by removing our trouble. Thus we were forced to abandon the teachings and beliefs of a lifetime. This was not difficult to do, however, for the thorns of the flesh forced us on, and in our thirst for more practical things in religion we found Christian Science.

Testimony of Healing
It is with a heart full of gratitude for the daily blessings...
March 14, 1914

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