"The sea is his"

Unnumbered people, these home-coming days, are bringing back to the "trivial round, the common task," abiding memories of the vacation's indulgence of what they would call a "passion for the sea," and the weariness and possible pain of the months to come will be lessened as winged remembrance bears them again and again to the sunny sand or the pine-clad promontory where they lounged and looked for many a long hour upon that ever-changing, ever-beautiful expanse,—heaven's floor of answering blue.

No object of nature, perhaps, has been more frequently associated with the thought of God by the Scripture poets than has the sea, a fact which is easily explained as one meditates upon its world embrace, its teeming life, its unceasing movement, its irresistible might, and its awful depth of calm and mystery. Many aspects of it thus serve to lift and improve our thought of Him whom no scale can measure but whose glory may be revealed to awakening human sense, and one can therefore say with the poet,—

Among the Churches
September 13, 1913

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