Some time ago I was beset by a sense of forgetfulness, which resulted in a neglect of duty toward a certain person, and as a result of this neglect I was led to expect a financial loss. This fact, together with feelings of self-reproach, worry, and discomfort, seemed to darken my joys and cloud my consciousness, so that for a whole day I struggled, using the mortal mind method of enlarging the error until I saw it out of all proportion and then tried to argue with it. All at once, however, my heart was turned to God as a flower turns to the light, and in the calm of an uplifted consciousness I read these words in the Christian science text-book (p. 453) : "Honesty is spiritual power." The meaning of these simple words came with a healing certainly to me, and I realized that the only cause for unhappiness is wrong thinking, and that right thinking must reestablish my happiness. Wrong thinking, material reasoning, means separation from God, whom only spiritual sense can find and feel. I felt as if I were sitting at the feet of the great Teacher, and a sweet sense of gratitude crept into my heart.

The desire to be honest led me bravely and squarely to face the mistake I had made as such, and then it was shown to me that the nature of God is perfection and eternal goodness, and I saw at once that my mistake would have to be corrected, for the law of perfection never sleepeth, and it impels us ever to follow and to be perfect, even as the Father in heaven is perfect. A sense of great sureness and joy, a willingness "to suffer patiently for error is distroyed" (Miscellaneous Writings, p. 118), came to my heart. I learned to look upon the material loss facing me as a very small price to be paid for a pearl of such great value,—even wisdom, right thinking,—for it is life to those that find it, and health to all their flesh.

September 13, 1913

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