The world is famishing for practical Christianity, for it is tired of the dead theories and fluctuating opinions of men, which no longer satisfy. Like the prodigal of old, it has turned its back on the dead past and has begun to think of home. The Father's welcome is no longer a theoretical uncertainty, but a practical reality. The Christ, the Saviour of men, is no longer a mere historical personage, but is the ever-present Truth that heals, blesses, and saves. This Truth still calls to the weary and burdened ones of earth, "Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."

The influence of demonstrated Christianity which is broadcast in the world today is the scientific leaven that is spiritualizing consciousness and thus making it possible for humanity to lay hold of the teachings of the Christ. Never before, since the beginning of the Christian era, has the world been so eager to learn of him who spake as never man spake; never before has "the Book of books" been read and studied with such marked interest and respect; never before have the words and works of the great Master meant more to humanity than they do today. No longer is it possible to read the Bible and not be impressed with the great stress that Jesus laid upon his works. The lethargy of "faith without works" had well-nigh relegated Christian healing to a forgotten past when Christian Science announced to the world the power of the ever-present Christ in practical demonstration; and herein lies the secret of the wonderful moral and spiritual awakening which is today evident in all parts of the world.

June 21, 1913

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