Your correspondent, "Working Man," is misinformed...

Yorkshire (Leeds, England) Post

Your correspondent, "Working Man," is misinformed when he says that Christian Science is "hypnotic suggestion disguised." To call hypnotism "Christian suggestion" would be a misnomer. I am not aware that the advocates of hypnotism make the claim that it has anything to do with Christianity. It certainly is not the healing established by the Founder of the Christian religion and practised by his followers. Hypnotism is the domination of one human mind over another. Christian Science, on the other hand, is the operation of the divine Principle of all being, the primal cause of all that exists, God, the infinite intelligence, or divine Mind. There is no mental manipulation in Christian Science, and no suggestion in any form, for it is incapable of misapplication; it can work only good. This Science is safe in every respect, and the patient falls into the hands of God, and not of men. It does not trifle with effects, but eradicates the cause of disease, thus destroying forever the effect, the disease. The cause of sickness is invariably to be found in sin, fear, or ignorance in some form or other. When this ministry heals the patient of sin, it heals him of sickness, and vice versa. It is therefore ethically and pathologically Christian.

June 14, 1913

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