Regarding Christian Science our critic says, "It is not...

Walnut Valley Times

Regarding Christian Science our critic says, "It is not Christian, and certainly not science." Christian is defined as "one who believes, or professes or is assumed to believe, in Jesus Christ; one whose life is Christlike; professing Christianity;" hence it is readily understood that to believe in Jesus Christ is Christian. Now Christ Jesus gave a rule by which one can know whether or not he really does believe on him. "Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also." To be a Christian in fact is to do the works of the Christ—"preach the gospel," "heal the sick."

Webster defines science as "knowledge; knowledge of principles and causes; ascertained truth or facts." Thus to have a knowledge of that which is, to understand the Principle or cause of existence, to know the why of being and its operation, is science. The Word of God, spiritually understood and scientifically demonstrated, is Christian Science. It is an exact science, because it has a divine Principle and rule of demonstration; it is Christian from the fact that it is the truth ascertained, or true knowledge about Christianity as taught and practised by Christ Jesus. The teachings of Christian Science illumine the Scriptures, they impart to mortals the spiritual understanding of the Bible; hence, in the degree that one understands, has the spiritual knowledge of God, His universe and His law, he is able to demonstrate that the healing and redemptive power of infinite Love is available now, and thereby prove his Christianity.

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