Henry Marelli was honored by the Christian Scientists in being chosen to introduce Virgil O. Strickler, the lecturer of the evening for that band of followers, in Orpheus hall. Mr. Marelli, who is not a Scientist, said:—

Every person in this world would like to be, in the true sense of the word, free. Why is it, then, that this desire which predominates over every other desire in the human breast, is not gratified? Simply because the customs and superstitions of the past, consciously or unconsciously, blind us to that which alone can give us the desired freedom, namely, the truth and a knowledge thereof. Universal peace among nations, for which legions of good men and women are striving, as well as universal peace of mind among all people, will come only when the truth is universally known. Christian Scientists preach what they believe to be the doctrine, or religion if you please, of truth, claiming that to be in full possession of the truth not only brings peace and comfort to the mind, but cures bodily ills as well.

Testimony of Healing
My father was a deeply spiritual man, and from his...
June 14, 1913

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