It would be difficult to imagine how a greater number of...

Marietta (Ohio) Register-Leader

It would be difficult to imagine how a greater number of misstatements could be introduced into an article of equal length than one finds in the criticism of Christian Science in the Resgister-Leader of recent date. Christian Science is as widely separated from the things which your correspondent names in part one of his attack as are the poles separated from each other. Christian Science has nothing in common with mesmerism, spiritualism, hypnotism, and other phenomena of this sort. Christian Science is based upon the teaching and practise of Jesus of Nazareth, and it heals the sick by entire reliance upon divine power as did Jesus and his disciples.

To charge Mrs. Eddy with having absorbed queer superstitions and strange beliefs in her early years, is at variance with the truth. Mrs. Eddy's early education was, by reason of her invalidism, mostly dependent upon the home training and loving direction of her family, and her studies were very largely planned by her brother Albert, who was a graduate of Dartmouth College, an eminent lawyer, and a chosen representative to Congress from his native state, New Hampshire. Her advantages in this respect were superior to those of the average child, and to state otherwise is to claim that which is untrue. It is absurd to charge the members of the Christian Science church with being compelled to distribute the literature of their faith. Whatever the members may do in this respect, they do gladly and voluntarily, as they realize the necessity of sharing the good one has if one would possess more, and they very naturally recommend to others the perusal of that literature which they have found beneficial and helpful in teaching them how to overcome disease and sin.

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