Basic truths are always universal, they refuse to be compassed by the specific. They must have range, be behind everything, and many of us have either failed lamentably to see this, or else we have persistently forgotten it. We are greatly given to saying "Lo here!" or "Lo there!" limiting the truth to our human perspective, identifying right with persons or policies, especially with some class or party. We are for capital or for labor, for conservatism or for liberalism, for Smith or for Jones, instead of being for justice, for integrity, for fair dealing; in a word, for righteousness and truth, for the rule of the ideal on every plane and in every relation of life.

Inspiration and courage must be the fruitage of one's knowing that every right idea has very much more than men or movements to lean upon; that it is related to omnipotence, and has all the resources of the kingdom of heaven to support it. This is true of all right action. Said Jesus, "If God so clothe the grass of the field." He discerned, as he would have us discern, that rightly interpreted the sprouting of a seed is a world event. To him, there was no least thing unrelated to the largest; hence the sustaining significance to his thought and ministry of the wayside flower and the star-strewn sky. They brought him disclosures of Life and law.

June 14, 1913

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