The thoughts of the writer have been filled recently with a deeper sense of gratitude to Mrs. Eddy for the divinely inspired wisdom which led her to give to the world The Christian Science Monitor. She subscribed for it at once, but for a time was rather indifferent about reading it, as newspapers had been considered of more importance to men than to women. Then the Christian Science article on the Home Forum page was found to be particularly helpful and often to bring just the encouragement needed.

From that beginning, interest has spread to the whole paper: articles on the political situation, labor questions, art and music, the wonderful things that are being accomplished all over the world, the able and broad-minded editorials,—all are read with pleasure and they are at the same time educational, causing the reader to widen greatly her mental horizon. This is a progressive age for women, and the writer is finding the Monitor invaluable in gaining an intelligent understanding of many questions of the day. It is with confidence, withal, that one can read it, for we are assured that the truth is being told,—there is no exaggeration for the sake of making a "good story," and each subject is treated with the utmost impartiality, so that one can come to an opinion without being influenced toward some party or faction.

February 15, 1913

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