Christian Science, as presented to the world by Mrs. Eddy...

Christian Science, as presented to the world by Mrs. Eddy in her book "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," teaches us how to avail ourselves of the power of Truth in our daily lives, and to the extent that we trust to this power, to that extent are we able to overcome the ills that so easily beset mortals. Something over a year ago I had an experience which proved to me the power of Truth over evil, especially as this was a question purely of right and wrong; it made no difference to me personally one way or the other, and the same could be said of others interested in this matter.

Some twenty-three or twenty-four years ago, my father successfully negotiated a deal for one of the large railroad companies here in Chicago, which resulted in an agreement. In November, 1910, a new schedule was issued by the company, one item of which was contrary to the above-mentioned agreement. My attention was called to this discrepancy, and as my father had passed away some time before this, I was the one to attend to the matter. As business prevented my calling in person at that time, I wrote to one of the officials whom I knew to be familiar with all the details pertaining to this question, asking that the item be changed to accord with the agreement made some twenty years before. He turned the matter over to a minor official who was not familiar with the facts of the case, and after a short correspondence he refused to make the change. I knew that right must prevail, so decided to go to a higher authority. I wrote to the president of the company, and upon receipt of his letter asking for more information and documents, I took the time to call in person, showed him a copy of the agreement, stated all the facts in the case, and left him, knowing he would do what was right. Just one week later a special order was issued making the correction.

Testimony of Healing
I have promised myself several times that I would publicly...
October 4, 1913

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