Distribution of Literature

In considering the distribution of Christian Science literature, there is one point which should be kept constantly before all who engage in this ministry, and that is the important part which this literature has in the healing of mankind. Not only are people healed of their false beliefs concerning this cause through the circulation of its literature, but in having such beliefs corrected, their interest is awakened to receive its appeal, and they learn in reading, that there is a deeper significance in the message which Christian Science brings than they had at first supposed.

It is interesting to consider how well our periodicals fit together in their educational effort. The average man does not know, as a rule, the extent of his real need in the way of healing until the awakening thought discloses certain erroneous mental tendencies which need to be corrected lest they work havoc later, even with physical health. It is the function of Christian Science to heal, to purify, to correct, and it is now generally recognized that Christian Science not only heals the physical ills to which flesh is supposed to be heir, but that it invariably brings out improved conditions when applied to business and to domestic problems.

An Appreciation
October 4, 1913

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