The reverend principal of Westminster Hall, lecturing at...

Simalkeen Star

The reverend principal of Westminster Hall, lecturing at Penticton recently, is reported as follows in the Press of March 23: "Christian Science came in for severe criticism by the lecturer, and was described as nothing less than a recrudescence of the great central thought of Buddhism." What the "great central thought of Buddhism" is, the lecturer did not say. Christian Science stands for the worship of one God and for utter reliance upon Him, obedience to His perfect and satisfying law of good. It stands forr salvation from all evil, through the divine Christ—his teachings and his deeds. It stands for one universal Deity, one universal Christ, one universal Christianity, one theology, one religion, and for the unity of mankind in one Christian brotherhood. It stands for the power of good over evil, for the extermination of sin and disease, devil and hell, and for the legal right of man to overcome temptation and damnation. It stands for the highest education, for the obliteration of war and conflict, and for an equitable social and governmental reform. It stands for a new hope-which answers the deepest human need and is giving greater peace to a suffering world. It stands for one's own welfare, prosperity, health, happiness, and an increased capacity for every righteous achievement. It stands for purity of life, it trusts not in tobacco, strong drink, or any material pleasure or remedy, knows that disease or ill health is the concomitant of sin, and literally believes the Scripture teaching that divine power will enable one now, as in primitive Christianity, to heal the sick and do the works of Jesus the Christ, who said, "He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater." The central thought of Christian Science is God, omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient Life, Truth, and Love. Can the foregoing be said of Buddhism? Can the learned principal truthfully show any similarity of worship between Buddhism and Christian Science? If not, he owes Christian Science an apology.

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