The caustic attack made on Christian Science by an evangelist...

North Yakima (Wash.) Republic

The caustic attack made on Christian Science by an evangelist during his meetings, and the subsequent comments pro and con, led me to make a first-hand investigation into the real tenets of Christian Science to see whether their doctrines were as damnable and unchristian as they have been painted, and as I, too, not long ago believed them to be. In the interests of fair play and the progress of real Christianity, I want now to say that I am amazed to find that the fundamental teachings of Christian Science—as to the nature of God, man's relation to God as His offspring, the work of Jesus Christ as a revelator of "the way, the truth, and the life;" man's privilege here and now of realizing his oneness with the Son and Father—God, and man's consequent obligation to do the works of Christ—are all in harmony with the Scriptures and the doctrines of our orthodox churches.

There has, therefore, been raised in my mind the serious question of how we can make amends for our misrepresentation of our fellow Christians, whose teachings and practice, in the main, are but the restoration of primitive Christianity. While I do not profess fully to understand or agree with Christian Science, and do not pose as its defender, I do think it behooves us as members of orthodox churches to be looking more closely to our "doxy," instead of making ignorant attacks on others' "doxy," lest haply we should be found fighting against God.

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