The efficacy of Christian Science healing was proven to...

The efficacy of Christian Science healing was proven to me in February, 1911, when the gas from the furance escaped in such force that I was overcome by it and fainted. My husband carried me up-stairs and laid me on my bed, but after I regained consciousness my head ached intensely and the least movement caused nausea. A practitioner was called and she gave me absent treatment for one hour, and then she was asked to come to the house, which she did and stayed an hour or more. From that time the vomiting ceased and I slept four hours, when I awakened healed. I got up, drank some orange juice, and walked down-stairs and back again without any discomfort. The dreadful pains in my head had vanished. The next morning I kept an appointment, and went to church that night feeling as well as ever, in less than twenty-four hours. The wonderful part to me was that I felt no ill effects afterward. For this healing I am grateful to God and to Christian Science.

Mrs. Henry T. Child, Medford, Mass.

Testimony of Healing
I am glad to tell what Christian Science has done for me,...
May 25, 1912

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