In a recent issue a clerical critic offers as evidence that...

Hamilton (Ohio) Republican-News

In a recent issue a clerical critic offers as evidence that he is qualified to inform the public on the teachings of Christian Science, the fact that he has personally met a " 'healer' fresh from Mrs. Eddy's own hands," and that he has a relative whose husband has been a "healer," and that he has had a personal acquaintance with "eminent Christian Scientists." Be this as it may, it still remains true that the gentleman has not been a practising Christian Scientist, and it still remains true that the only proof that one understands Christian Science is his ability to heal the sick by its means. The Christian Science church in compliance with this fact does not authorize its members to enter upon the sacred task of teaching classes in Christian Science until they have successfully practised healing for at least three years. Of one thing else I am certain, namely, that the gentleman's understanding of Christian Science does not agree with mine.

The gentleman declares that he has visited "dying patients" who had been "weeks and months" under Christian Science treatment "and yet had been left to die by inches." He evidently forgot to mention that seventy-five per cent of those who have applied to Christian Science for treatment have done so after having "died by inches" during a long period of time and had turned to Christian Science only as a last resort, and that a considerable percentage of these so-called "incurables" have been healed or permanently benefited by Christian Science. He might have said that the entire human race of the past, apart from the very few who have died under Christian Science treatment, had gradually gone down, even unto death, under reputable medical practice.

May 25, 1912

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