While living in Chicago, near Christmas, 1906, a skin...

While living in Chicago, near Christmas, 1906, a skin disease broke out on my feet. I used some local applications for a few days, but as a change for the worse quickly set in, I went to see a doctor, who examined me and said it was a case of metallic poisoning in its worst form. He asked what business I worked at, and I told him I had been in the brass business for over twenty-four years. His comment was that no one could stand it as long as I had done. Instead of getting better I grew worse; my hands became as bad as my feet, and the suffering was so great that I often had to cry, like a child.

In February, 1907, a friend of my wife came to our house one evening and asked me why, if doctors could do nothing for me, I did not try Christian Science. I did not even answer that good woman, as my wife had been healed in Christian Science of an illness of over seven years' standing, and even then I was against it, as I could not believe any one had the power to heal the sick as Christ Jesus did I therefore kept on in the old way, suffering and trying different doctors, until July, 1907, when I discarded all drugs and asked the friend who had offered me Christian Science to get some one to help me, and she did. To tell the truth, often in my suffering and pain I had recalled her words; so I did try Christian Science, and with six treatments I was healed not only of the poisoning, but of other ills. I had used glasses, as my eyes had given out, and I also had a rectal trouble for five years. I could not hear with my right ear, and every spring and fall I had a cold. My sense of fear is, however, gone, and I have not had anything in that line for the last four years.

Testimony of Healing
In 1906 my condition was diagnosed as a serious affliction...
November 9, 1912

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