I desire to express my love for the cause of Christian Science,...

I desire to express my love for the cause of Christian Science, and for the many benefits I have received through the understanding of this teaching I am most grateful. It was about twelve years ago that this subject first interested me; a short time after that it appealed to my thought when I saw the benefit my mother had received mentally and physically through its healing power. From that moment I never doubted the power of God to heal the sick, if we turn to Him alone. It was not, however, until about eight years ago that I saw Christian Science was exactly what I wanted and needed more than anything else, and not until then did I make any direct effort to know more of its teaching.

It was partly through the beautiful lives of its adherents that I was thus inspired, and partly because I realized how very remote was the understanding I needed to live the Christian life I desired, which I knew was possible only through a greater understanding of the power of God to govern us aright, and which understanding I saw it was possible to obtain only through the teachings of Christian Science. I was then a member of an orthodox church, but all interest in that body had left me, although I tried hard to live a Christian life. In my efforts to progress in the understanding of Christian Science, I have encountered many serious obstacles. A great sacrifice had to be made in the beginning, but it was counted as worth while, though criticism of my actions seemed to linger for a long time and was very hard to overcome. In conversation with a student of Christian Science I received a comforting reasurance of the power of God to guide and protect all who turn to Him alone for protection, and I was so overjoyed with this light which came to me, that I was completely lifted from the despondent state of thought which had governed me. Very shortly after this I had the proof of God's loving protection and care when I was very near to great danger, for which I returned thanks to God and prayer for more understanding.

Testimony of Healing
For a long time I have felt that it was my duty to give...
November 9, 1912

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