My little boy was taken one morning with an attack of...

My little boy was taken one morning with an attack of earache, but went to school. I went there about eleven o'clock, and as he had been crying I took him home, and treated him in Christian Science; but the pain became so severe shortly, that I felt I must have help, so I called a practitioner and asked her to treat him. The pain, however, kept on, and in an hour or less I called her again. Soon he was asleep and slept till half past six, only rousing up a little now and then. He had no more severe pain and rested well that night. The day following he slept most of the time, complaining occasionally of earache, and the side of his neck and all around the ear was still painful and very stiff. I kept the practitioner informed, and she continued to treat the boy. The next day there was no pain, but he did not hear much, if any, through that ear. The following day a slight pain preceded the passing of a clot of blood through the throat, and in two or three days more his hearing was perfect and he was well. He had lost his hearing, found it again, and was back to school in less than a week, and with only about an hour's pain after we called for treatment in Christian Science.

Mrs. Amy N. Wilson, Denver, Col.

November 9, 1912

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