Christian Science has meant more to me than anything...

Christian Science has meant more to me than anything in my whole life. It came to me at a time when I needed it spiritually, mentally, physically, and morally. Spiritually, because I needed to be awakened to a full realization of my deepest need; and mentally, because I had spent most of my time trying to think out some way to find peace, through either the pathway of cherished ambitions or material possessions. Neither satisfied, and Christian Science found me at the brink of suicide, absolutely without hope of happiness and with a sense of utter despondency. Physically, I needed it because of headaches to which I had been subject since childhood and which many times lasted from two to four weeks. I also had an ungovernable temper and a morose and unhappy disposition. Besides all this I had worn glasses for nearly fifteen years, putting them on in the morning and not removing them until I retired. Morally, Christian Science came to me when I needed it more than anything else in my whole life, and it saved me.

I had always enjoyed reading books which seemed worth while, and at my mother's earnest solicitation I began to read "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy. I did not do this with any thought of looking for help, but read the book merely out of curiosity and because it occupied hours which otherwise would have been as burdensome as the past days and weeks had been. I do not remember experiencing any change while reading Science and Health; I was too absorbed in it to think of myself; but I could not leave it alone, and when it was finished I was a new creature, for "the former things" of which the apostle Paul writes had "passed away." I had found God! though I never even knew I needed Him until I studied Christian Science. I had heard it preached that we should be unselfish, kind, good, patient, loving; that we should have more faith in God and should trust Him more, should live our religion every day, but until I came into Christian Science I never knew how to do any one of those things, and not until then did I have the least desire to read the Bible. Now my mind was at rest, and I was changed from a cynical, pessimistic, discouraged, and selfish girl into a happy, contented one; life was worth living, and I was at peace, something which had never been known to me up to that time.

Testimony of Healing
The gratitude one has for the expression of divine Love...
November 9, 1912

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