From the communication published in a recent issue of...

New Haven (Conn.) Register

From the communication published in a recent issue of your paper Prof. Irving Fisher appears still to be concerned because Christian Scientists do not favor a national health bureau or department of health. Inasmuch as Christian Science has for its standard high ideals, and Christian Scientists thoroughly believe in pure food, pure air, pure water, etc., this critic attempts to show that they cannot consistently take an opposing position relative to this so-called health legislation. Furthermore, irrespective of the fact that much has already been said upon this subject, he seems to fail to appreciate the Christian Scientists' view-point, since he reiterates that Christian Scientists "attack health laws."

A Christian Scientist stands in the same relation to this proposed legislation that hundreds of thousands of believers in medical freedom do who may be of various other religious faiths. The basis for the opposition is entirely at variance with the representations of our critic. Those who are opposed to this legislation conscientiously believe that it would enable one school of medical practitioners to dominate and control other schools of healing, and result in forcing upon others the opinions and views of this one school. In opposing such a measure the Christian Scientist considers he is merely exercising that inherent right which he enjoys in common with all good citizens, to object to the passage of a law granting to one interest a special privilege, though it is claimed to be for the public good.

November 9, 1912

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