Of the many evil conditions around us, none, perhaps,...

Dundee (Scot.) Advertiser

Of the many evil conditions around us, none, perhaps, presses harder on humanity than poverty, and it is my purpose to show something of the means by which Christian Science, which is applied Christianity, combats it. Every Christian Science treatment starts with God as the only cause and creator, and recognizes man as the effect of that only cause, made in the image and likeness of that only creator. It is plain that, since there is no element of poverty in the infinite good we name God, it cannot form part of God's image and likeness; it must be as foreign to the real nature of man as it is to the real nature of God. Speaking on this subject Christ Jesus said: "Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." This kingdom of God is a condition of thought, a perception that God is the supreme ruler of the universe and man.

Theoretically, it is easy for any one who calls himself a Christian to see this, since all Christians agree in declaring God to be infinite, eternal, all powerful, ever present, and good. To be able to make practical use of these statements, however, far more is required than a theoretical admission of their truth. We must be convinced of their truth; our consciousness must grasp them as living realities. Here, then, is the difficulty: How can the ordinary man attain to such a faith? To many a man, capitalists, to some, the conditions of trade, to others, the whole fabric of society, seem to stand between them and abundance. It is these material forces and not God which appear to control their destiny.

September 23, 1911

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