Webster defines a miracle as "a wonder or wonderful thing; a marvel; an event or effect in the physical world beyond or out of the ordinary course of things." The work of Jesus Christ has been called miraculous; but his mighty works were wrought for the overcoming of sin, suffering, distress, and in doing thus he annulled material laws. These works must, therefore, have been wrought through the understanding of a higher law, and the great question for us is, Can we recognize, understand, and utilize this law? In the sermon on the mount Jesus said that he came to fulfil the law, to do the will of the Father, who is Spirit; therefore this law must be the law of Spirit, the expression of infinite Mind; a law eternal, unvarying, and available under all circumstances and conditions.

History shows that men of various races and times, who were least in bondage to material sense and its cravings, caught glimpses of this infinite and spiritual law, and obedience to it made them the "salt of the earth" which kept humanity from utter rottenness. The Hebrew Scriptures point to the coming of one who should understand the law of Spirit and have power to demonstrate it. Such a one could not possibly be in bondage to the belief in material laws, with their resultant misery—sin, disease, and death. In the arena of human consciousness he would either be mastered by them, or prove himself master; the conflict was inevitable, and on his victory the hopes of the ages rested.

September 23, 1911

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