With the passing of the acknowledged Founder and...

Billings Journal

With the passing of the acknowledged Founder and Leader of the Christian Science church organization, there departed from this life one of the most remarkable women the world has ever known. It is not necessary to be a believer in the religious tenets she propounded to realize this fact, nor does appreciation of her stupendous labors depend in any manner upon acceptance of their verity. Call her inspiration by whatever term you choose, it is still undeniably true that her teachings were accepted without question by a very large number of unusually intelligent men and women upon whose lives was exerted as powerful an influence for good—both material and spiritual—as has ever been recorded in the history of civilization.

Apart from and independent of any doctrinal feature of the Church of Christ, Scientist—a discussion of which would not be proper in a secular newspaper—there towers the supreme personality of its Founder. Forceful, and dominating by the power of spiritual strength, she won and held a loyalty seldom accorded the pioneer in a religious movement. The persistence of her thought was a mighty force that convinced where doubt existed and broke down the barriers erected by mental opposition to a degree that has been the marvel of the age.

January 14, 1911

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