The report of a recent discussion by physicians, ministers,...

Oak Leaves

The report of a recent discussion by physicians, ministers, and others of "Faith-healing from a Medical Standpoint," which was published in Oak Leaves, contains some statements about Christian Science which I desire the privilege of correcting. Christian Science is quite different from what is ordinarily known as faith-healing and is also distinctly unlike mental suggestion. Failure to make the proper distinction between Christian Science Mind-healing and the various forms of so-called "mind-cure" is doubtless responsible for some of the mistaken assertions attributed to some to those who spoke on the occasion referred to above.

One speaker is reported to have declared that the "alleged cures of organic trouble" by Christian Science "are not cures, but only give the sufferer courage to ignore his trouble." That is not true of Christian Science practice. Mental suggestion, or mesmerism, may do no more than make the patient temporarily ignore pain and disease, or make him believe for the time being that he is not sick, while the operator really believes that he is so, though arguing to the contrary. That is, the operator in mesmeric treatment may try through will-power or mental suggestion to make his subject believe something which he himself does not believe. It should be readily seen that such methods cannot effect permanent cures and that they cannot and do not heal what is termed organic disease.

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