From Genesis to Revelation the Scriptures characterize...

Portsmouth (N. H.) Herald

From Genesis to Revelation the Scriptures characterize God (divine Mind) as the healer of "all thy diseases." The healing of all manner of diseases by Christ Jesus through spiritual means only, is a demonstration of the truth of that teaching. Christian Science, therefore, has Scriptural authority and the practical proof by Jesus that God—Spirit, Truth, Life, Love, infinite good—is the one ever-present intelligence, power, and causation, possessing all truly healing qualities.

The doctor suggests that it matters not where the faith is placed, that all healing is a matter of mental action, the result of mere blind "faith" in some person, system, or thing. Unnumbered persons who have unbounded "faith" in drugs continue to linger in sickness and disease, and then die. Their "faith" does not heal them. Neither does "faith" in the minister or the doctor alone reform the sinner or heal the sick. Many persons, however, after having such experiences, have put themselves under Christian Science treatment and have been healed; thus proving that it is better to rely upon God than upon man, upon Spirit rather than upon matter. All thinking persons now recognize the mental influence on the body. A changed mental state produces a changed bodily condition, thus proving the teaching of Christian Science that the so-called physical body is but the subjective state of human consciousness. This also emphasizes the further teaching of Christian Science that drugs possess no inherent healing properties and that the healing effect is of mental causation.

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