"What I say unto you I say unto all, Watch." These words in which Jesus of Nazareth admonished his disciples, have been wisely selected by our Leader and places as a motto on the title-page of the Sentinel. According to Webster, to watch, is "to be awake, to be attentive, or vigilant, to give heed: to be on the lookout, to keep guard, to act as sentinel." In Christian Science, it is not sufficient that we should at times sacredly guard the precious treasures of Truth obtained through the study and understanding of divine Science, but we must keep continued watch, lest lurking error should intrude and make damaging inroads into our consciousness.

While taking part as a private soldier in the Hungarian Revolutionary War of 1848, under Louis Kossuth, I remember that when I was for the first time placed on the picket line, the officer in charge cautioned me to be wide awake and to watch. This being my first experience in that line, and not seeing an enemy before me, I wondered why I should be so vigilant. Thirteen years later, while commanding a battalion in the American Civil War, I' had occasion to superintend the placing of pickets around our camp, and having profited by former experiences as a picket, I was able to impress upon my men the importance of their watchfulness and vigilance, lest, failing, in this respect, the enemy, during the dark of night, should stealthily approach and by a dashing assault break through the line and throw the camp into chaotic confusion.

April 2, 1910

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