I gladly testify to the efficacy of Christian Science in...

I gladly testify to the efficacy of Christian Science in healing, as I have been relieved of rheumatism and other ailments. Some of these troubles were met instantaneously, but more recently I had an attack of an eruptive disease, the left side of my face, including my eye, being very painful, swollen, and inflamed. Some time before this a friend had told me of having been given up by physicians, and then being cured by Christian Science. I thought of this, and concluded that I now had a chance to test in a more serious case this new-old doctrine; so I wrote to a friend who is a Christian Science practitioner, that I wanted to come to her for treatment. An appointment was made and I went to her. In a few days the pain was all gone, and in about a week the eruption had disappeared. On another occasion, while visiting a friend, I had a serious cold, with throat trouble, so that I was unable to swallow. The Christian Science friend came and treated me, and I soon felt able to go home; so we started, and made the trip safely. I continued to improve, and in a few days was well.

I thank God for restoring me to health. I am also grateful to Mrs. Eddy, the inspired messenger to this age. I thank her for "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," and for making this Science clear to the world.—Jennie Congdon, Roxbury, Mass.

Testimony of Healing
Because I desired physical healing so earnestly, I became...
February 19, 1910

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