In the 11th chapter of Luke it is written that when the disciples asked Jesus how they should pray, he said; "Give us day by day our daily bread." One of the most beneficial lessons which the writer has learned is the endeavor to live one day at a time. During my childhood it was the custom of my parents to allow me each evening to express some wish or desire, providing I had been obedient during the day, although I have since wondered how they were able always to grant my wish; but I knew that it was only as I was absolutely obedient that I would be allowed to exercise this privilege.

Many years after, this experience of my childhood taught me an excellent lesson. For some time I had been trying to straighten out a financial difficulty, and as my knowledge of how to apply Christian Science was very limited, I endeavored to bring things about in my own way, in place of leaving it all to God, and knowing that it was God's will, and not mine, that must be done. Soon, in place of working things out harmoniously, as I had hoped to do, they became more discordant, and as I retired one night the predominating thought was one of discouragement. As sleep failed to come, I kept asking myself where the trouble lay. Gradually my thoughts traveled back over my short experience in Christian Science, from there back over the years previous to my acceptance of this truth, and so on until I found myself picturing once again the days of my childhood, and a voice in thought seemed to say, "Go back and be a child again."

November 19, 1910

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