As a constant reader of the Chronicle for fifteen years...

Manchester (Eng.) Chronicle

As a constant reader of the Chronicle for fifteen years and a supposed "victim of suggestion," though not a member of any Christian Science body, I would like to offer a few remarks.

"Hubert" seems to forget that there is truth, not only as fixed as the stars, but equal to the force which governs them. It would not be a suggestion to state that the sun is due south at twelve noon. It would be to state a fact which may be proved by demonstration. If, as "Hubert" suggests, Christian Science is in direct conflict with and in opposition to science, religion, philosophy, and common sense, I state a fact when I say the conflict is theirs, and does not in the slightest degree touch Christian Science. Not only in consumption and aneurism, but every other ill whch comes to a limited human experience, the Christian Science handling is right.

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