Christian Science does not plead in behalf of any form...

St. Louis (Mo.) Republic

Christian Science does not plead in behalf of any form of superstition or irrationality, but it affords a scientific method for uncovering these and a demonstrable method for destroying them. We must not mistake the uncovering of evil's false pretenses for an indorsement of those pretenses. Moreover, the blind, futile, and unchristian effort to exert evil mental influence is not a product nor a consequence of Christian Science. It is its counterfeit. It is simply a more aggressive form of the latent falsity of the supposed "carnal mind" which Christian Science exposes, and which seeks to maintain its position in self-defense as it writhes under the doom of divine Science.

Christian Science is uncovering and destroying evil's hidden forms and is establishing the peace and harmony of omnipotent good. In Christian Science it is understood that malicious animal magnetism has no power. It is at most only deception, and can only affect the unwary, those who fail to understand the eternal spiritual truth. Mrs. Eddy does not believe that malicious mental malpractice is a power. She has discovered that certain persons do believe in such a power and seek to exercise it, and she has taught her students how to defend themselves against such deception by keeping their thought filled with that which is pure and good. To do evil one is obliged to make a complete departure from the teachings of Christian Science and resort to unchristian subterfuge, and he thus becomes the victim of deception, not a practitioner of Christian Science. Every thought, word, and deed of the consistent Christian Scientist is an effort in behalf of good as the only exterminator of evil.

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