Many of our readers will recall an article in the Sentinel respecting the picture by Mr. Fuller which attracted so much attention a year or more ago, and which was called "Victory of Truth over Error." Truth, represented with white extended wings, noble and attractive features, and beauty of figure, bringing out the thought of strength and purity, had taken the scythe from the powerless hands of error, which was represented as a darkling, cringing form in the background. whose utter impotence was indicated by the facile hand of the artist in an apt and unmistakable manner. The thought brought out in this painting was when Truth appeared error become nothing. There was no fight nor struggle, because the allness of Truth with nothing, and Science indicates the nothingness of error in whatsoever form it may seem to take to itself.

The apostle James said, "Resist the devil [evil], and he will flee from you." A definition of "resist" in the Standard Dictionary is "to bring to naught," and this gives the Christianly scientific meaning of the word. Jesus clearly indicated that his mission to mankind was to prove this possible, as his demonstrations and teachings were all to show that evil or error, whether manifested as sin, sickness, or mortality, could be reduced to its native nothingness. He taught the omnipotence, omnipresence, and omniscience of God in a greater and more comprehensive manner than had any other teacher mentioned in the Bible, and his insistence that all human discord was the product of a false sense of a power apart from God was proof positive that this unlikeness of God was unreal.

Now we do not fear that which is not, and as we daily work out our problem alone this line in knowing that evil, error, is no thing, holding to the allness of God, good, we shall reap good results in proportion to our faithfulness in holding to this scientific fact. If in the initial steps in his journey "from sense to Soul" the student finds it necessary to engage in what may seem to be a strenuous effort to hold in thought the right concept, let him be neither frightened nor discouraged, for every vigorous and persistent attempt to "hold thought steadfastly to the enduring, the good, and the true" (Science and Health, p. 261), will bring nearer and nearer the ability to realize instantaneously the allness of Truth, the knowing which measures up to the perfect standard demonstrated by Christ Jesus and indicated in the teachings of the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science.

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September 18, 1909

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