[Translated from the German.]

Before I became acquainted with Christian Science I had...

Before I became acquainted with Christian Science I had suffered for several years from severe headaches, distress in the stomach, etc. Besides this the pain in my hands and feet caused me difficulty in working and walking. All the material means I had tried brought only temporary relief.

I then heard of Christian Science, through a lady who told me about it and also lent me several copies of the Herold, which I read; but I did not understand the articles, neither did I believe the healing testimonies. I thought that a religion which accomplishes so much good would be better known. I, however, attended a Wednesday evening meeting, but was not satisfied,—I doubted. I was like Thomas,—first I must see, then I would believe. If only I knew somebody who really had been ill and was healed through Christian Science! I again attended a meeting, and God sent me a witness. I met there a lady whom I knew to have always been sick, and lame in one arm. I talked with her and asked her if she was now well. She answered that she had been healed only through Christian Science. She was happy, healthy, and able to carry on her work. Then I knew that I, too, would find help, and I firmly and confidently believed that God alone was my physician and that He would help me. Within a short time I was made whole. I did not have regular treatment, but was freed from all my ills in the measure in which I discerned the truth.

Three years have gone by since, and I am entirely well and can attend to all my work. Many blessings have also come to my family, spiritually and physically, for which I am sincerely grateful. I thank God, also our beloved Leader and all those here who help us to grow in the understanding of the truth.

Testimony of Healing
Having received so much benefit and encouragement...
September 18, 1909

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