Having received so much benefit and encouragement...

Having received so much benefit and encouragement from the testimonies published in the Sentinel, this is sent in the hope that it may serve the same purpose. Previous to coming into touch with Christian Science, while reading the parable of the prodigal son, I received an understanding of the character and nature of God which was certainly new to me. After this I read the record of healing work in the New Testament with an interest which I had never before experienced. My interest was centered upon the healing of the palsied man and the answer given by Jesus to the scribes. The inference which I drew from this account was that forgiveness of sin and physical healing were included in the gospel and are therefore inseparable. At this time the wonderful promise of the Master was too plain to be misunderstood: "He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do." So I determined to know how it could be fulfilled. At this point in my experience I was brought into touch with Christian Science literature. I also attended the services, and felt assured that my need would be supplied in Christian Science.

Strange to relate, at this juncture I was deceived by a suggestion that I could accomplish the most good by continuing to work along the old lines, in connection with a mission in this town. I failed also to interpret the message given to me, and the consequence was that I attended no place of worship for many months. After this my wife's health broke down, and at the same time I was thrown out of employment. Being out of work, I could not employ any one to nurse the wife and care for the children, so I had to face the situation alone, and while laboring under adverse circumstances the opportunity was given me to retrace my steps and regain my position. The Bible says, "As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten."

My wife was in a low way and very weak; the medicine prescribed by the doctor (who had been called in at my wife's request) failed and was set aside; eventually the doctor ceased to call. To my wife there seemed to be no hope left; but "man's extremity is God's opportunity." All that I had read in Christian Science seemed to have left me; but one thought remained, which was that God is not the author of sickness or suffering. I reasoned from this that it was not God's will to take a mother from her children. It took time to turn my wife's thoughts from what she seemed to think was inevitable, yet the scale was slowly balanced to the side of Truth. At times it seemed as if error would swamp me, but my stronghold at such times was in the realization that the struggle was not without a purpose, and that I had to be turned away from the worshiping of idols (material means); also that God had not called me out of Egypt (material sense) to die in the wilderness. My confidence would thus be restored, and then I would encourage the faltering steps of my wife. After the little that I knew had been put into operation, Christian Science treatment was given her by a lady and afterward by a gentleman, which help was very much appreciated.

September 18, 1909

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