Some fourteen years ago, in removing a small piece of...

Some fourteen years ago, in removing a small piece of steel which had lodged in one of my eyes, the physician discovered that my eyelids were affected with a disease which required attention. After treating me for this trouble for six months or more, the physician noticed a condition of the eyes for which he gave me further treatment. He then informed me that I would need to wear glasses, and from that time until I was healed in Christian Science I used glasses continually.

Some two and a half years ago I heard a great deal about Christian Science, and being an active member in an orthodox church, I felt that I wanted to know something about this Science for myself. On consulting with my wife, it was decided that we would send for a copy of Science and Health and read it as a piece of literature. It was our custom on Sunday afternoons to read aloud to each other, and when this book came we started to read it aloud the same as we would, any other. One Sunday, while I was thus reading Science and Health, I realized that I did not need my glasses, and I so stated to my wife. Taking them off, I put them aside and continued to read for an hour or more. From that time to this I have never felt the need of glasses, nor experienced any sense of pain or inconvenience, although my work has been as close and continuous as before.

Testimony of Healing
From childhood I suffered from stomach trouble, and...
September 18, 1909

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