Real success, which can be won only through the practice of honesty, sincerity, perseverance, and courage, is the guerdon that the golden rule ensures, when practically carried out as the maxim of business and social life. The old adage that "honesty is the best policy," holds good under any and every circumstance. The taint of wrong-doing clings to the perpetrator. One who has been known to tell deliberate falsehoods is not believed even when he tells the truth; one who has the reputation of being dishonest is mistrusted even when he may be strictly honest.

The business man should be very careful not to try to force through transactions by the use of will-power or mental suggestions, not only because these methods are intrinsically wrong, but because he will thus eventually lose the trust and good will of his customers. While one should be persevering in his work, this does not mean that he is to exercise unwise or undue mental persuasion, as one who has been unduly influenced will inevitably feel that he has been persuaded against his better judgment. The business man's sphere is simply to supply actual needs and to educate the public as to their need for particular services or commodities. He must overcome prejudice and antiquated ideas by showing the advantages of the best and latest goods and inventions, and improvements, over poorer goods and methods. He must establish a reputation for reliability, and actually have for sale that which is advertised. He must enlighten, educate, and convince his customers by properly presenting the truth about his goods.

Temporary advantage might seem to be gained by the exercise of human will, but eventually mental and mortal failure will be the result when this method is persisted in. On the other hand there are numerous examples of noble men and women who, though they failed to attain immediate success, have finally won lasting honors because their lives were ordered according to the golden rule. Even the martyrs, who seemed not to win honor while on this human plane, left behind them good which will live forever.

September 18, 1909

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