Trusting this brief testimony may help some poor sufferer...

Trusting this brief testimony may help some poor sufferer to turn to the "great Physician" and learn to live aright, I cheerfully and gratefully acknowledge the all-power of God. It is now nearly two years since I first learned of the healing truth revealed in Christian Science. My baby was not well and the doctor was a frequent visitor at our house. Throat trouble was a frequent source of worry, and after one of these attacks there was an enlargement of the glands. After a long time this enlargement disappeared, but it was only for a time. Soon there was another attack and the conditions seemed worse than before; all the medicine that was used had no effect.

One day I visited friends who were Christian Scientists, and during the conversation the lady advised me to try Christian Science, and said that God would make the baby well. I thought upon her words for some time, and at last decided to try Christian Science. I took my baby to a practitioner, told her of the trouble, and asked if anything could be done. She assured me that God would make her well. After a week's treatment the swelling had nearly disappeared, and in less than two weeks it was entirely gone, and it has not recurred. Here was a permanent cure in two weeks, a cure that materia medica had not been able to effect at all!

My baby is now four years old and a wide-awake little Christian Scientist. She repeats our Leader's prayer for the little ones (Miscellaneous Writings, p. 400), and in all her little trials she turns to God as her protector and comforter. After seeing the help that my baby received, it did not take me long to turn to God for my own relief, and many and varied have been the blessings which I have experienced. I wish to express my gratitude to God, and to Mrs. Eddy for showing us how to know God,—how to find Him an ever present help in trouble.

Testimony of Healing
Although it is now almost nine years since I began the...
September 18, 1909

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