The movement to live as Jesus lived—to do what Jesus...


The movement to live as Jesus lived—to do what Jesus would do—appeals strongly to Christian Scientists. "The purpose and motive to live aright can be gained today. This point won, ... you have begun at the numeration table of Christian Science," says the Christian Science text-book, Science and Health (p. 326). How to advance beyond the numeration table is the problem. Can we live a divine life on a human basis; a spiritual life on a material basis?

I might say: "For two weeks I shall live as Abraham Lincoln lived; I shall paint as Raphael painted; I shall play as Beethoven played; shall write as Shakespeare wrote." But how, without the genius, without the spirit that animated these men? And how achieve the infinitely greater feat of living as Jesus lived, without the Mind that was in Christ Jesus? This is the very instruction we find Paul instilling into the early Christians, the beginners in Christian living. This Mind is perfect Love, of which Paul makes the astonishing statement that we can give our bodies to be burned and yet not have it; that we can bestow all our goods upon the poor, and yet not have it.

April 3, 1909

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