A Christian Scientist takes for his guide the teaching...

Cheshire Echo

A Christian Scientist takes for his guide the teaching and works of Jesus, the Founder of Christianity. Not the divided garment only of preaching the gospel, but the restoration of the conjoint duty equally incumbent upon his followers to "heal the sick." What is the true test of fellowship laid down by the Master? "He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also." No greater proof, then, can be given of the right of any one to call himself a Christian than these works which are "the signs following." Christian Science is accomplishing the healing work daily in every country where it is established, and its beneficiaries are gratefully testifying not only to its physical healing and the immunity it gives them from successive sickness, but also that it has healed them morally, mentally, and spiritually. Surely that system of religion which reunites the long-lost art of spiritual healing established by Christ Jesus has none the less claim to be called Christian than any branch of the Christian church which divorces the Christ commands and contents itself with only preaching the gospel. And further, these cases of healing in Christian Science are not merely nervous ailments or functional disorders, but so-called incurable organic diseases which in numerous instances brought the patients to the verge of despair because the highest medical skill and devoted nursing had failed to help them and to meet their need. Let any one who is skeptical attend the Christian Science testimony meetings for proof.

The claim that Christian Science is really scientific has an absolute foundation, since it is based upon God as divine Principle, and that this divine Principle is absolute, the one and only Mind governing man and the universe. The unerring certainty of the works done by Christ Jesus was due to a perfect understanding of the divine Principle through which alone Jesus declared he was able to do what are commonly called miracles, but which the Founder of Christianity looked upon as the natural expression of divine law. The lapse of spiritual healing for centuries, and the teaching of the churches that the healing work of Jesus and his immediate followers was miraculous, were no doubt responsible for the superstition of the dark ages and the agnosticism and skeptical indifference of today. What can eliminate this skepticism and unbelief in the reality and power of Spirit but the conviction that there is a science in life and religion as well as in the intelligence which has formed and governs the universe?

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